Langkawi, Malaysia

Three years ago exactly, myself and my family went on a holiday of a lifetime to Singapore and Malaysia. Six days of this trip were spent in beautiful Langkawi and by the end of this post, I hope you’ll be booking your own flights out there.

Given that this was such a special holdiay for us, it warranted a very special hotel. The Andaman is the most incredible hotel I’ve had the pleasure of staying in. With a labrynth of walkways covered only overhead, you can rub shoulders with monkeys as you move around the hotel. There is a huge outdoor swimming pool with a beach bar serving food and drink, providing the perfect environment to relax and take in Langkawi’s beauty. The hotel is right on the beach front, offering private access to the breathtaking Datai Bay, named one of the best beaches in the world by National Geographic.


The staff at The Andaman are like none I have come across before; they made an effort to remember us by name and did everything they possibly could to ensure we had a fantastic stay. What incredible, kind people they were.

The hotel boasts several restaurants, including ‘The Restaurant’, ‘The Japanese Restaurant’ (a bit more orginality with names, maybe?!) and ‘Jala’. My personal favourite was ‘The Restaurant‘ where we had several meals during our stay. There were several vegetarian options and the restaurant serves different cuisines, meaning it didn’t get boring after a few visits. Jala is a beautiful seafood restaurant located on the beach and our evening here was quite the experience. However, unfortunately for me, there was one token vegetarian option which seemed to be added as an afterthought. Still, watching the sun set over dinner with sand in my toes was pretty damn special.


The best part of my time in Langkawi was seeing all the incredible wildlife. Having only travelled out of Europe once prior to this trip, it was a huge novelty for me to be sat by the pool looking at monkeys roaming the tree tops. Two types of monkey reside in Langkawi – the beautiful Dusky Leaf Monkey and the cheeky Crab-Eating Macaque.


Watching Dusky Leaf Monkeys play from the hotel bar

The hotel runs regular wildlife walks which we decided to go on during one rainy day. During this walk we learned about Langkawi’s ‘flying five’ – the flying snake, the flying fox, the flying lemur, the flying squirrel and the flying dragon. I was privileged to see the majority of these animals during my time in Langkawi. Fortunately, I did not know until taking this tour that the multi-coloured snake I had seen the day before could actually fly metres at a time. The guide was amazed that I had seen one up-close and I was a little shaken that I was stupid enough to get so close!


A Chrysopelea (flying snake)

The flying lemurs – Colugos – were perhaps the highlight wildlife wise. Lily the Colugo, as she is affectionately named by the hotel staff, was carrying her baby during our trip which made for some incredible photographs. These stunning photos are courtesy of my brother.



Lily the Colugo carrying her baby

Eagles also soar through the Langkawi skies which makes an incredible sight. My family were also lucky enough to spot a Monitor Lizard; I sadly missed this.

The Telah Tujah (seven wells) waterfall is a beautiful sight. Spend some time taking in their beauty whilst spotting lots of wildlife along the way.

One rainy day we also visited the Langkawi Craft Complex where you can view and buy local arts and crafts. A highlight was watching the glass blowers making stunning glass sculptures.


We flew to Langkawi with AirAsia from Singapore. The flight was quick and easy and the prices more than reasonable.

While on the island, travel is a bit more difficult. We spent the majority of the time in our resort as this was the relaxing element of our holiday and, quite frankly, why not spend a lot of time in such a stunning place?! However, the hotel offered car hire and we payed for the service one day to go out exploring.

The Verdict
As someone who most frequently travels within European cities, Langkawi was a unique and incredible experience for me. To take in an entirely different culture as well as incredible wildlife was amazing. I do wish I’d seen a little more of the island but with jet lag and exhaustion from hiking around Singapore for 4 days, it was far too tempting to just relax and take in the beauty. The Malaysian people are lovely and I will definitely be returning to see more of the country in future.


3 thoughts on “Langkawi, Malaysia

  1. yaswtanu says:

    OMG!!! you guys must have a swell time… we really loved your post…
    And that image of the snake, cannot imagine how you guys got so close to it without getting freaked out, never mind the fact that you did not know that it could fly.

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